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The Observation Post is a brief, weekly newsletter that highlights military and veteran related news from the previous week. From legislation, to the VA, to tech, stories, and action, we’ll cover a little bit of everything.

My goal here is share stories that you may have seen as well as those you may have not. Everything is curated and written by myself. If you find it helpful, let me know!

If you found this through the podcast, it’s likely you were a previous subscriber to The Veteran Podcast and Joe to Joe - both of which I’ve consolidated into the Observation as bonus content.

Also, if you were a previous subscriber — sorry it was a long spring break. On a personal note, since that episode I went through an acquisition at the company I was working for, my hours doubled, and then I moved into a house that needed a ton of work.

Does this mean the end to the podcast? Nope. Just wanted to be real, with myself and my listeners or followers (hi mom!).

It takes an extraordinary amount of time to plan, produce, and edit audio and video for each newsletter, and this is a one man show. So, any new podcast episodes will likely be limited to brief rundowns of the week’s newsletter and the video, just an image with audio and you won’t see my handsome face looking back at you.

Joe Stone Sr.

SSG, US Army Veteran

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Joe Stone

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